Creative Alternatives

The thinking behind this site is simple. In order to function within today’s society we need to be able to meet our needs.
We all interact with banks, power companies, super markets, politicians and various others.
In today’s world of austerity it has become more than obvious that we the public are getting a rough deal to say the least but how do we change this?
We believe that protesting etc have a great place in bringing awareness of issues to the public but we very rarely see any real lasting change coming from this method. We can write to our politicians and bankers asking them to stop treating us like cattle but you can see the irony in this action!

Banks & co are here to make a profit. That is there sole objective. If they are not making profit they go out of business (eventually).
So the best form of protest is to move to another bank but this time look for more ethical banking, one without shareholders, community based for example the Credit Union.
If we adopted this action for each interaction we have within society not only would we all be actively supporting ethical alternatives but where possible local community based initiatives.

There really is no excuse anymore. We have the power of the internet that allows us to connect and share these alternatives within our own social circles.
This in turn will help drive up demand for more of these alternatives.

And here is the advantage we have over big business, they need us to keep coming back to use their services. If they see that people are moving in numbers to more ethical alternatives, for example, moving your energy provider to a provider that supplies greener power will send a clear message.
They either become more ethical or they will fade away as the market for ethical greener power takes over.

The power of the internet has also opened the door to free education. We can learn almost any subject these days for free! The only thing missing is the credible accreditation at the end of the course.
The market for free open source learning is increasing every day. With new sites springing up catering for most subjects, again the more people that use these alternatives the more credible they will become, until the point they become the norm.

Expect more from your bank? SWITCH.

Want more value from your weekly shop? SWITCH.

Would you like a stronger democracy? SWITCH.

Not satisfied with a service or product it’s easier to switch to something that will better meet your needs. An ethical alternative or better value for money. Having a diverse & vibrant economy will encourage competition and consumer choice.

Take our challenge and see how many things you can switch to on our site :)